Power Outage Tips

Here are some tips for what you can do to protect your aquarium during a power outage.

Tip 1 - Car Battery
"It's a simple DIY UPS. This is for when you must leave during a storm and the power may go out, and you have a wet/dry type system. However, it won't run lights and heaters. Buy a tank suitable sized 12 volt (1-2 amps) marine bilge pump (about $30) and a small trickle charger, large enough to handle the pump, plus a bit. Replace an existing sump pump with the bilge pump and connect the bilge pump to a car battery (or several in parallel) and the charger to the battery. The charger will keep the battery charged, while power is on, even though the pump is powered. If power goes off the battery will take over automatically. Depending on size it will run for many hours." -- Ulf Lindroth

Tip 2 - Cigarette Lighter
"Purchase one of the power converters that plug into a car cigarette lighter. I have one I use for a VCR and TV when we take long trips. Then run an extension cord to your system. A small 4 cylinder vehicle won't burn too much gas idling and the system doesn't have to run all the time, just for a short period every hour!! This can also power heaters too. Just a tip." -- Eddy

Tip 3 - Computer UPS
"Computer Uninterupted Power Supply's (UPS's) work great for this purpose. The prices are always dropping and the more you pay the longer they last. Small, reliable, no maintenance, and quiet. It's not a long term solution, but it can keep your fish alive, especially if you're gone for the weekend when the power goes out." -- Zeit

Tip 4 - Computer UPS #2
"Buy a UPS. They are sold for computers and used to keep a computer from crashing in case the power goes out. Good ones have enough power to keep a computer running for quite some time. They should have enough power to keep a pump and heater running for a long time. The nice thing is that they will kick on even if you are not there, provided you plug your system into one." -- Mark Stover

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