Beginners Steps to setting up your first marine tank.

Table Of Contents
Before you even begin thinking about setting up a saltwater aquarium, have you done the following:

  • Researched and learned all about keeping a saltwater aquarium first?
  • Planned your system?
  • Purchased the equipment and supplies needed to get started

If you answered NO to any of these questions, we advise that you stop here and take the time to learn about any of these important topics that you may have missed, BEFORE you jump in! If you answered YES to all of them, just follow these 10 easy steps to set up your new aquarium and get it running.

  1. Set Up & Test The Equipment
  2. Make Up The Saltwater
  3. Start Up The System
  4. Prepare The Live Rock
  5. Aquascape The Tank
  6. Let The Tank Cycle
  7. Livestock Selection
  8. Make Aquascaping Adjustments & Add The Substrate
  9. Purchase & Add Livestock
  10. Set Up A Maintenance & Care Routine

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