Duncanopsamia axifuga

Duncanopsamia axifuga, Long branching corallites. Whisker Coral, Australia, PNG, Indonesia. Only rarely encountered in the wild or the pet-fish interest.

Very little is written about this species below are some of my observations.

My Experience:

I have had my duncan for 4 months, when purchased it had 3 heads it now has over 10. It was under low light (15watts) for 3 months until I recently upgraded to 72 watts. During the low-light period it continued to grow, so I would class it as a low light survivor, but it has really taken off in the past month.

It appears to feed on brine shrimp any invert filter food.

Other things I have noticed is from time to time it releases a brown slime from the 'mouth' of the coral, this is called 'zooxanthallae'. The zooxanthallae provide the coral with oxygen and some organic compounds they produce through photosynthesis. When stressed, coral expels its zooxanthallae. If you rectify any problems in your tank (water quality, lighting, current), the coral recovers just fine.

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