New Skimmer

So my old skimmer was noisy and bad. So its time to upgrade. I am limited because I have no sump and my tank isn't drilled. So anything I buy has to be a "hang on the back" model.

So I bought the Biostar Flotor Hang On Filter and Protein Skimmer ~ Aqua Medic

It pulls a lot of crud out of the water, I'm cleaning the cup every 2 days. It may be a little too small for my system but its silent and its all I can afford :-P


The Aqua Medic Biostar Flotor is a combination of a powerful motor driven protein skimmer with the Biorotor biological filter.

It is designed for salt water aquariums up to 250 l (c. 65 gal). It is the smallest commercially manufactured complete filter system for salt water aquariums.

The competitively priced Biostar Flotor allows nearly every tank within its capacity to be transformed into a marine aquarium.

It is an ideal filter system for beginners in the marine hobby. With the Biostar Flotor the new trend in marine aquaria, the Microreef and Nanoreef aquariums can be successfully achieved.

The skimming capacity of the system is large enough for dense stocking levels, even with fast growing SPS corals.

The Biostar Flotor is also ideal for specialist aquaria - for sea horses, crustacea or other invertebrates.

- protein skimmer with venturi pump (Ocean Runner PH 2000, 9 watts with Needle Wheel)

- Biorotor system creating exceptional biological capacity with enhanced oxygen uptake as the bacteria are alternately emersed and submersed.

- simple "hang on" mounting with 4 cm capacity holder.

Dimensions (l x w x h): 8.5 x 25 x 23 cm - including foam cup 38 cm. (c. 3.4" x 10" x 9.2" - including foam cup c. 15.2")

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