05-02-05 - Leather Coral Fragging Attempt

Leather Coral Fragging Attempt
Unfortunately my leather coral started dying due to poor lighting, at first I thought it was shedding, as they do from time to time, but it continued to worsen and fall apart after a few days. I read that I may be able to save it by Fragging it. (Chopping it up so new coral will grow from the pieces)

I debated over what to do for another 24 hours, during that time I removed it from my tank, placed it in a bucket with tank water, filter, heater and a spare fluro light. Just in case it released toxins into the water and killed my whole tank.

In the morning it wasn't any better, so I had to act, I read about how to frag a leather coral on the Internet, I had my Stanley knife blade, a few rocks and rubber bands. And I started slicing the top right off the coral. It was awful, it started oozing clear mucus, I felt bad but continued till I had the whole top off. I then sliced the top like a pizza trying to keep a bit of stalk on each piece, I had to throw out some sliced because they were badly decomposing.

I rinsed the mucus off and attached the pieces to rocks with rubber bands. I put the stalk and the pieces on rocks back into the bucket, I waited a few hours for them to stop oozing. And put them back in the display tank.

Next morning the rubber bands had cut through the pieces and they had blown all over the tank... GREAT! I managed to fish them out I reattached a few, and threw out the others that looked a bit worst for wear.

A few days later the pieces hadn't stopped dying so I threw them out also, because of the fear of contamination to the main tank. I left the stalk in the tank.

UPDATE: 2 Weeks after the leather has been fragged, the stalk has completely been hollowed out, some bugger of a critter ate it out... So no more leather coral... :_(


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