10-06-05 - New Ocellaris Clownfish Pair Added! Acting very weird...

I recently purchased 2 ocellaris clownfish wild caught. I acclimatized them to the tank for 40 mins using drip method.

Day 1: For the first 4 hours they swam around the tank exploring. Then when I turned the lights out they started swimming on there sides at the surface of the water in one corner and would not eat.

Day 2: Did water change and they were swimming around the tank again very happy, but still not eating. At night same thing, started swimming in one spot on the surface.

Day 3: eating like pigs, but not swimming around, will only stay in one spot on the surface, there whole head comes out of the water when they swim.

Day 4: still eating well. But won’t swim down more than a few inches. Today I noticed 1 or 2 tiny white spots on there bodies. Will keep an eye on this in the coming days.

I added a natural reef safe product called melafix to the water, its a immune system booster to help fight of the spots.

My first thought was there was something in my tank making them sick. I searched for people who have had similar experiences. Most said it was normal for a new clown without an anenome to do this at night, but they should act normally through out the day. Naturally I was worried, but on day 6 they started acting like a normal fish, the spots are all gone and they now get excited about brine shrimp.

I have named them "Bubble & Squeak".

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