26-03-05 - New Skimmer & First Flood

To try and combat my algae problem, I purchased a Jebo 180 hang on tank skimmer.

TIP: Attach the air hose before you turn it on!!!! It would be obvious to most people but i had never seen a skimmer before or understood how they worked.

Its been on the tank for about 2 weeks & it is producing a small amount of foam, its getting better everyday. When I first installed it I had problems with a lot of micro bubbles entering the tank.

To try and minimise the bubbles, I put a sponge over the outlet to the tank, it stopped them a bit, I also added a stocking over the sponge, success minimal bubbles!

Mistake: Just 2 days ago, I slightly adjusted the air flow, came back 5 mins later and 1/3rd of my tank was on the floor! Now I leave the air hose completely open, maximum air flow, just in case.

UPDATE: on the 1st of April, I removed the sponge & stocking covering the outlet of the skimmer, to my surprise there was almost no bubbles, so I have left the end open, and the skimmer is functioning as it should. I think a certain amount of "scum" had to build up inside the skimmer to eradicate the bubbles.

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